World of Luxury

Travel Weekly's World of Luxury in both print and online provides top-tier travel professionals the opportunity to explore and engage with luxury brands across all travel categories.  

In 2011, the print edition was completely re-designed and ready for the next generation of luxury travelers and travel agents. Proprietary Travel Weekly research leads out the issue with trends and key data that offer luxury agents—and those aspiring to that status—critical insights into the market. For advertisers, World of Luxury offers a sophisticated environment in which to showcase their luxury travel product—all within a must-read resource that travel agents display in their offices, review with clients and reach for again and again.  

This immersive website features large high resolution photography, allowing the agent to experience the quality and beauty your brand has to offer. In addition to a product overview, the Offers section brings agents a list of timely special offers they can pass along to their clients. The marketing center also allows suppliers to include any videos of their product to further enrich both the agent, and their clients’, experience.