What motivates? The short answer is incentive awards. But the award is just the finish line. Of course INCENTIVE is there. Our coverage of what’s new and exciting in the worlds of gift cards, merchandise, and travel awards are second to none.

But we also chronicle how success is achieved during the race. We provide our readers with a big-picture look at the business strategies, events, and trends that are shaping and being shaped by the incentive, recognition, and motivation business. INCENTIVE digs deep into the nature of performance improvement, employee motivation, and consumer engagement. We help our readers manage and motivate employees to their greatest potential and build relationships with consumers and channel partners through the latest in motivation techniques and tools, program design, research and new products.

Insightful case studies, astute how-to features, and perceptive columns form a strategic roadmap that makes our magazine a must read for all executives looking to move the performance needle.