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NORTHSTAR’s Meetings Group produces a series of web casts designed to educate professional meeting planners on the critical topics of the day. From business development themes, to discussions on niche topics such as CSR and technology, Meetings & Conventions, Successful Meetings and Incentive offer a variety of online events.

Social Networks and Privacy Concerns

What meeting planners must know to avoid major mistakes 

Redefining ROI for Meetings

An exploration of latest methods for measuring the value of events 

Electronic RFPs, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

07/24/2012 2:00 EST
Electronic procurement tools are a mixed blessing for negotiations. On the upside these tools enable meeting owners and suppliers to expand their relationships in the marketplace. But the ability to submit multiple proposals for the same meeting overwhelms suppliers and creates a barrier to getting to the face-to-face collaboration part of the process. In this webcast a planner, a hotelier, and a meetings technology expert will have a robust discussion that analyzes the key issues and challenges of integrating electronic RFPs into the site selection process.

SMMP for Advanced Meeting Professionals

How to take strategic meetings management to the next level in your organization 

Negotiating In A Sellers Market

08/21/2012 2:00 EST
Very little new hotel inventory is scheduled to come on the market in the next couple of years. Many hotel companies are dealing with debt accrued during better economic times. Organizations are holding more meetings. All of these trends tend to make suppliers unwilling or unable to negotiate. This webcast will feature legal and sales experts offering best practices for negotiating in a difficult environment.

Greener Meetings on a Budget

Easy ways to plan eco-friendly events without increasing costs 

Rules of Engagement: How to Use Meetings to Promote Brand Awareness

09/25/2012 2:00 EST
When the strength of a brand meets the power of engagement the two together can be a solid force to help reinforce the message and culture of an organization. This webcast will feature advice and best practices from brand, presentation, and meeting experts on how to use live events to deliver messages that hold the attention of attendees and moves them to action.

Does Your Meeting Need an App?

How to get started, who can help and what it should cost 

Marketing Makeover: Promote Your Meeting to Any Audience

10/23/2012 2:00 EST
With few exceptions meeting attendee demographics do not exist in a vacuum. It’s very rare for a meeting to be all Gen Xers or Gen Ys, or Boomers. Most attendee pools are a mix of ages, genders, races, and ethnicities. This webcast will create a blueprint for identifying the universal motivators common to everyone along with the hot buttons that are unique to specific demographics and integrating them into a cohesive marketing plan.

Measuring Green & CSR

11/13/2012 2:00 EST
Doing the right thing doesn’t have to be a drain on an event’s bottom line. This webcast will feature case studies and advice from sustainability and teambuilding experts on how to measure the ROI of green and CSR initiatives.

Charitable Activities for Groups

Low-cost, low-fuss ways to build charitable and volunteer elements into the agenda 

Creativity Bootcamp: Get In Touch With Your Inner Genius

12/11/2012 2:00 EST
The difference between mediocre and magnificent is often the ability to see an old task in a new way. This webcast will feature experts in problem solving, corporate psychology, and event production that will demonstrate how to hit the reset button on the way you view your meetings strategies.

What is Your Contract Missing?

Key clauses and caveats to include before you sign on the dotted line