Unique Hotel Identifier

Northstar Travel Media has created a proprietary, unique hotel identifier that solves the problems associated with multiple identifiers.  

For years the travel industry has struggled with the costs and problems created by multiple identifiers. Each business created its own system resulting in a proliferation of identification numbers. A single entity may have numerous proprietary codes across different systems. As each segment of the industry tries to integrate information with suppliers, travel agents, hotels, GDS systems, CRS providers, content publishers and payment processors, predictable problems ensue. NTM has solved these problems and, for over 70 years, has been established in the business and process of providing identification numbers. NTM is uniquely positioned to lead a solution for this long-standing and increasing industry problem.   

As the content provider of unique hotel identifiers, Northstar Travel Media has been supplying this data to leading travel and hospitality companies for more than a decade. Northstar’s database of 200,000 hotels worldwide contains up to 300 fields of data for each hotel.   

Licensing of the unique hotel identifier data includes hotel name, address and telephone number. Content packages can be customized to provide solutions to meet specific needs.       

More Information:
Sheila Rice 
VP Business Development & Licensing
Telephone:  201.902.2108