Licensing Opportunities

Northstar licensing offers customized business solutions to companies looking for high-quality travel content and increased online revenue. We have the world's largest, most accurate database of travel and hospitality information. This rich database offers savvy marketers the ability to target their communications like never before.

Northstar's travel content database includes constantly updated hotel and destination data that supports our complete portfolio of print and online products and services. One of our premium databases is our consumer classification hotel rating system.  Another premium database is a cross-reference table, using GDS ID codes.  This table can be used to merge data from different systems/databases and gain access to those systems (i.e. GDSs for booking, etc.)  We also offer a premium, comprehensive database of latitude/longitude of hotels and POIs.  Additionally, we offer a premium database of hotel descriptions, with 130 characters of information explaining the ambiance and character of the hotel. 

The center of the database is geographic places, consisting of cities, islands, states, provinces and countries. The remainder of the database is travel-related information about those geographic places as well as travel news.

Presently, the Northstar Travel Media database contains:


  • 200,000+ hotels around the world
  • 72,300+ hotels around the world reviewed and classified using our consumer classification hotel rating system by our professional travel editors
  • 8,100+ hotels have been visited and reviewed by STAR correspondents
  • 80,000+ hotels with meeting facility information
  • 230+ countries, many with in-depth profiles of information about the destination
  • 240+ cities with in-depth profiles of information about the destination
  • 32,600+ points of interest (restaurants, theaters, museums, zoos, parks, etc.)
  • 6,600+ airports with detailed information on each airport
  • Ports of call with in-depth profiles of information about the destination



More Information:
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