Intelliguide is a suite of products and services designed to inform travel managers, and the travelers they manage, of major news events worldwide that could impact and interrupt their itineraries.  Working around the clock, our dedicated editorial team extensively researches all events to provide up-to-the-minute news and information so you can make critical decisions.  Available in a variety of platforms and offering opportunities for white-labeling, Intelliguide is a must-have for your travel and safety program. The Duty of Care requirement that all businesses face makes Intelliguide data even more compelling. 



GoBase is a website that features comprehensive destination information and news stories designed to provide critical information for the traveler and travel manager about breaking news events around the world. In many cases, these stories help travelers stay safe from unrest, severe weather and disease outbreaks.

One popular feature of GoBase is that the product can be white-labeled, so you have many options for branding the content. GoBase content is also available via web services, so that you can present it with a look & feel of your own design.



GoAlert24 is a product that delivers these news stories by email. Users can set filters to focus only on certain parts of the world, certain levels of stories, certain types of stories (e.g. health), or any combination thereof. As with GoBase, GoAlerts can be white-labeled to reflect your own branding goals.
The headlines of these stories are also available via RSS, with a link to the full story.



GoPNR is an automated way of setting up GoAlerts, which requires no maintenance on the client’s end. The client sends NTM a daily electronic file with all of their new bookings and this file is automatically put into the GoAlerts system. Now the traveler will receive alerts specifically about their destinations, and only for the outlined dates of their trip.

We can also start the alerts any amount of time before the trip starts, and end them any amount of time after the trip ends (at the client’s discretion.) This keeps the user informed about matters that happened after they left the destination, which might still be relevant, especially in the case of exposure to disease, e.g. the airplane tuberculosis scare.



Mercury gives users the ability to sign themselves up for GoAlerts. This GoAlert add-on means that no one person needs to centrally coordinate subscriptions. Each user can add, delete or modify their own filters, to ensure that they are only receiving emails that are relevant to their own situations.