Digital Subscriptions

Our digital subscription products,  travel42 and STAR Service Online, seamlessly integrate the most important and trusted travel information available while giving our subscribers full control of what to send their clients, how to send it, and what to customize and store for future use. Our products are designed to help travel professionals save time and in turn, make more money.

travel42 is the compilation of STAR Service Online, Weissmann Reports and 24/7 Travel Alerts.  This award-winning product offers the most trustworthy travel reviews available today. It allows travel professionals to create and send their clients customized reports with over 5,700 destinations, over 10,000 hotels and over 300 cruise ships.  For 25 years Weissmann Reports has been delivering the highest quality, most trustworthy destination reports available to travel professionals. Since 1960, STAR Service has given travel professionals access to professional hotel and cruise ship reviews.  Our 24/7 Travel Alert service helps keep travelers informed about current events affecting travel, worldwide.  travel42 provides everything travel professionals need to recommend hotels and cruise ships, create customized destination guides for clients, and stay informed about travel disruptions and security developments worldwide.  And it’s all in one place.

Travel professionals have trusted STAR Service Online since 1960 for the most professional and accurate travel reviews available.  STAR gives travel professionals access to unbiased, reviews for over 10,000 hotels worldwide and more than 300 cruise ships. We understand that time is money so STAR Service gives agents instant access to the truth.  Our international network of travel professionals visit each property and write about their experience so that our subscribers know exactly what it's like to be a guest at the property or to sail on a ship.